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The Upper Arkansas Valley runs about
150 miles from the historic towns of Leadville and nearby Fairplay, down through Buena Vista and Salida, and and on to Canon City.
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Lachlan Clarke, March 17th 2016

Thursday at 7:00pm
“Sled Dogs and the Iditarod: An
Epic Adventure.”

Buena Vista Community Center
715 E. Main Street

Stephen Gross Stephen Gross, April 7th, 2016 CPFS

Thursday at 7:00pm
“Is it in you?  The role of optimism in healing and strengthening children and the adults who love them.”
Buena Vista Community Center
715 E. Main Street

Sam Quinones Sam Quinones, June 16th, 2016 CPFS

Thursday at 7:00pm
“Dreamland: the opiate epidemic in America.”

Colorado Mountain College - Climax Molybdenum Leadership Center, KW Room, CM 401, 901 S. Hwy 24, Leadville


Dr. Tom Stohlgren Dr. Tom Stohlgren

Thursday at 7:00pm
How A Few Irresponsible Adults Caused Thousands of Animal Extinctions.”
Buena Vista Community Center
715 E. Main Street

Chris Impey, September 22nd, 2016 CPFS

Thursday at 7:00pm
“Humble Before the Void: Teaching Cosmology to Buddhist Monks.”
First Presbyterian Church, 7 Poncha Blvd., Salida

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Dr. Jane
Dr. Jane Buikstra Thursday: 7:00pm
“Mummies & Mummy Science in
the Andes.”

Colorado Mountain College - Climax Molybdenum Leadership Center, KW Room, CM 401, 901 S. Hwy 24, Leadville.

Inspiring Curiosity:
Now entering our 14th season, the Collegiate Peaks Forum Series brings to The Upper Arkansas Valley nationally and internationally known speakers schooled in Philosophy, Religion and Science.

This exciting lecture series is guaranteed to stir your imagination and create new insights, so mark your calendar now. Each lecture will be followed by an enlightening audience question and answer session. All lectures are FREE—no registration or tickets are required.

Thank you to all of our contributors and volunteers who allow the Forum Series to occur. Enjoy!

Arkansas Splendor by Paul Kethley

The Collegiate Peaks Forum Series™ began as a small group of intellectually curious citizens in the Upper Arkansas Valley who determined that their lives could be enhanced by investigating the challenging questions raised by the interrelationship of philosophy, religion and science through academic stimulation, related discussions and their ensuing insights. To that end, notable speakers and scholars active in these disciplines would be invited to speak, offer their published works and engage in constructive dialogue.

The mission of Collegiate Peaks Forum Series is to facilitate the intellectual enrichment of the Upper Arkansas Valley residents and their visitors by sponsoring events featuring nationally recognized persons schooled in philosophy, spirituality or science and hosting other community discussion activities.

The Collegiate Peaks Forum Series is a bridge facilitating personal enrichment and constructive dialogue among individuals and groups to which they belong. It seeks to stimulate intellectual curiosity, stir the imagination and engage our diverse citizenry through lectures, study and discussion groups. It is committed to communicating with integrity, listening openly and honoring the differences of its participants. It envisions that a deeper awareness of all aspects of the Creator and available spiritual resources will emerge, that superior structures of thought and understanding will develop and that more effective models of personal and community action will occur.

We hope you enjoy the 2016 season!

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The Forum Series depends on community support to bring our program to The Upper Arkansas Valley.
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